Colour theory

Learn the relationship between colours, Uses of primary, secondary, warm and cold colours, learn important colour concepts like hue,saturation,value,tints and shades; how to make and mix different colours.

Sketching & Shading

Learn free hand drawing, different shading techniques to give your drawing a 3 dimensional illusion, human figure study, Inspiration from nature, Charcoal and Graphite drawing, and portrait drawing.

Canvas painting

Want to hang your own painting in living room?Learn the art of canvas painting, from mounting the Canvas on the frame to preparing it for painting,applying different painting techniques,accentuating painting through varnishing.

Knife painting

Create stunning effect in your paintings using knife which is not possible through brush. Learn to build thick texture, broken colour effect or for creating sharp lines. learn to create layer on layer without blending of paints.


Learn different water colour tools (like brushes ,pencils , papers etc)and how and when to make use of them;learn techniques like watercolour washes,wet in wet colour painting,layering watercolours etc,Learn poster colour.

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    • No Prior knowledge needed
    • Canvass

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08-08-2020 To 09-08-2020 Course on hold because of covid-19


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