Assessment-Where are you in the fitness journey?

Before you begin your fitness journey learn where are you standing at present, this will help you in setting your goals , get your important fitness assessment done on parameters like Body Fat Percent, BMI, BMR, MHR etc.

Diet & Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition Play a major role in achieving your fitness goals , learn them in the Indian context , learn about different micro and macronutrients, the role each one plays in achieving a dream physique and the the dos and don’t s from our certified experts.

Achieving weight loss (FAT loss) goals

Achieve your weight(Fat) loss goals scientifically, from setting your calorie goalsto doing Aerobic&Weight resistance exercises correctly, from knowing your fat loss zone to the concept of Intensity,Volume and Time Period we have got you all covered.

Achieving muscle gain goals

Learn to build that Fat burning furnace in your body called Muscles to feel strong and look your best, learn about major muscles in our body and how to exercise them, changes which happen in the body when we exercise, calorie requirement etc.

Deciding on reps and Sets and other Exercise Essentials

Learn exercise essentialslikestretching , pre and post work out meal,deciding on how much weight to lift , number of sets and repetitions required, concepts of progressive overload and cooling down. Learn the science behind these concepts.

Important Exercises for Different Body Parts

Learn some of the most important Cardiovascular and Resistance exercises for the major body parts like  Chest,Back,Legs,Biceps,Triceps and shoulders , learn how to do them correctly to avoid injury and designing your own exercise regimen.

Getting a six pack

A set of six pack abs is an indicator of ultimate fitness, apart from this it also makes you attractive giving you the best of your looks, gain a strong core and also confidence, learn the essential exercises ,diets and nutrition and the myths associated.

Practical Session

Learn how to do different exercises correctly under the guidance of our experts to maximize your learning and to avoid injuries. You will be designing your own diet and exercise plan, keeping in mind your fitness goal, under the guidance of our experts.

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