Gardening Basics

Learn about the right way to grow anything, the soil mix, watering, fertilizing, pruning, repotting, growing bulbs, temperature regimes. Role of light, temperature,  nutrients, humidity for growing healthy plants at home.

Growing Plants Indoors

Learn how to grow plant indoors . Selection of right specie and variety, watering, fertilization, potting, preparing ideal potting mixture, cleaning of the plants, preparing table tops planters to create a beautiful indoor ambience.

Growing Vegetables at home

Learn the right way to grow any vegetable at home in pots. Selection of seeds based on season, selection of location for seed germination, and plantation. The right proportion of manures. Identifying pests and diseases and controlling them.

Rooftop Garden

We will learn about designing and making a rooftop garden at your house. Essential requirements, selection of plants, minimum soil depth, waterproofing, and benefits of a rooftop garden.

Verical Gardens at Home

Learn how to select a location for a sustainable green wall, selecting species for low light indoor plantation as well as an exposed green wall. Learn the techniques of watering the vertical garden and how to grow vegetables in a vertical garden.

Insects and Pest Management

learn about pests and diseases in ornamental plants as well as in vegetables. Is any insect a pest? What are real damaging insects and what are friendly insects? How to control pests and diseases with and Without the use of chemicals.


Growing Money Plant in Water

We will learn about the power of water and growing some plants in water. Species that will go well in water, what kind of water, enriching water to support plants for a longer duration will be discussed and elaborated here.

How to take care of Rose Plants

We all love roses, not only in bouquets but also in our garden we would love to see them grow. Learn the basics of growing roses, the difference between roses for bouquets and roses for the garden. Creeper roses,  grafted roses, and non grafted roses.

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“Enhanced my knowledge about grafting, Would look at taking care of my rose plants as guided, coco pit benefits are plenty.....would add it surely instead of only soil, Thank you... I am grateful for adding to my  knowledge about plants”

Vaishali Nerurkar,Mumbai

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“Session was amazing, I am so much clear on so many things, faculty was very enthusiastic in showing us the plantations and pruning. It will help me to grow my plants better and will take care of them more.Very interactive and great session"

Meghna Jog,Thane

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“This is a good initiative and very nicely arranged.  Keep upgrading it for in-depth knowledge, which we can use in our professional gardening. The course was very nicely arranged and i learned a lot from this course.”

Bipin Prasad, Patna

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“This was a really worthy class which helps us to nurture hobbies well and find answers to lot of queries which remain unsolved before the class, mentors are experienced,very student friendly and overall satisfactory”

Pratiksha Baid,Surat

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“After attending the class I have found a new dimension to my rose gardening , thanks a lot hobbiesforlife”

Rentu Singh,Varoda

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“Class was fine. I wish we had more sessions. With the two classes, it felt like a bit less. I could learn some new techniques and helped me in developing an even better understanding of the subject”

Nandini Ray,Bangalore

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