Maximizing space

Learn important measurements and how to  how to maximize the space in your house. This will help you in designing the layout of your interiors in way which it looks elegant, airy and spacious   for easy movements.

Designing different Rooms

Learn to design your different rooms based on the different activities being carried out in these rooms, be it your drawing room ,dinning hall , bedroom or kitchen based on moods and functionality.


Colour wheel

Learn to use colors like a pro, learn color selection depending on the kind of mood and space you want to create, Complimentary colors, learn to use the color wheel in a practical and useful way.


Selecting rugs for your house

Learn about different rugs options and how to select the appropriate one for your house, learn rug options suitable for different rooms in the house and how to lay them using space measurement techniques.

Choosing your furniture

Learn different furniture styles and the wood materials available and how to make use of them, learn how to select furniture for different rooms depending on the functionality, style and mood you want to create.

Choosing your wall art

Learn which paintings and art works to be used where in the house , important measurements like the height and dimensions of wall arts,Single image or collection of arts etc to make each of your rooms look stunning.


Choosing your lighting

Learn different lighting options which can be used for different rooms in the house , keeping both the functionality and the elegance in mind. Learn layered lighting and different lighting options which goes with different styles

Choosing your curtains

Lear about the different curtain materials and how to decide on the curtain colours , layering of curtains , length and lining , rod length etc to give stunning looks and to create different moods to your rooms

Practical session

After having learnt the different essential elements of home décor, put it in practice by doing a practical assignment/case study where you will be putting these learnings into practice under the guidance of our experts.

Our Faculty


    • No Prior Knowledge needed
    • Smartphone or Laptop with an optimum internet connection

“A well-tailored program. The faculty was brilliant.In-depth knowledge was shared with  loads of care, patience, and concern a rare combination which leads me to a confident me"

Karen Rodrigues, Ahmedabad

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“I have benefitted from the course as I know that there are themes that are defined while decorating the room and everything should be aligned with the same. Also, it is good to take help of carpenter for decoration and designing as readymade furniture will not always suit our theme and expectations”

Dr. Kopal V,Mumbai

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“It was really nice crisp clear details in the home décor course. Very insightful for beginners. Must attend for those who plan to renovate their home. It would be nice to include some software"

S Falguni Vahora, Pune

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