Basics of Photography

Learn basics like the working of a camera, handling a camera, defining a good picture, different camera types, Lens basics and what type of lens one should go for different types of photography.

Photography Types

Learn different genres of photography be it capturing beautiful scenery around you or the wild animals, shooting your family members or pets or to capture the motion of an object we are covering all these interesting topics

Understanding settings & Modes of your DSLR

Are you still using your DSLR camera in auto mode? Learn how to use different settings  and modes of your camera and unleash its true potential, give yourself a chance to use different elements of exposure.

Role of light in photography

Photography is basically the use of light to paint.Learn to control the amount,intensity and duration of light required to create pictures which are pleasing to the eyes. Learn white balancing to adjust colours so that the image looks natural.

Basic picture editing

Give finishing touches to your pictures by Learning basic picture editing like cropping of images , adjusting colour vibrancy , sharpening of the images,adjusting the white balance, adjusting exposure and contrast

Exposure Triangle

Learn the role of“Shutter speeds” in creating pin sharp images to motion blur pictures. Learn to use “Apertures” to give you a distant horizon or a blurred background. Learn to brighten or darken a picture using appropriate “ISO value”.

Creativity in photography

Felt fascinated by the images of light trails, pictures capturing droplets of water in a waterfall or pictures capturing motion of an object in motion, learn these creatives aspects of photography with our experts.

Practical Assignment

A practical photography session where you will be given assignments, you will be practicing different lessons and techniques learned in the classroom, submit your photographs, and get feedback from the faculty.

Our Faculty


    • No Prior knowledge needed
    • A DSLR camera
    • Smartphone or laptop with an optimum internet connection

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