Reduce stress, bring peace and learn to set your mind free,Learn active meditation to help you achieve concentration, Learn passive meditation to stay in the present; feel emotionally stronger,charge your batteries before you start your day.

Pranayaam-3 stages Bhastrika,Kriya,Silence

Learn Pranayam to control your breaths and gain power over your thoughts, reducing stress and anxiety,learn physical health benefitslike weight loss , beautiful skin , improved digestion etc.Learn how to use pranayaam for detoxification.

Deep Relaxation

Learn this immensely powerful meditation technique for relief from stress and anxiety thereby experiencing profound joy and well being, learn to increase your awareness and enhance your productivity.


Learn to do Surya Namaskar, a sequence of 12 Yoga poses, a one-stop solution for most of our health problems. It helps in toning our body, improves flexibility and skin complexion, strengthen muscles and fights depression.

Yogasanas for good health

Learn important yogasanas to keep a good health.Yoga can help you with health issues like weight loss,boosting heart health, ensuring smooth digestion and prevent problems like backaches , flexibility , postural problems etc

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    • No prior knowledge needed
    • Yoga Mat 
    • A peaceful and noise free place
    • Smartphone or laptop with optimum internet speed.

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08-08-2020 To 09-08-2020 7.30am-9.00am(Tue,Wed)


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15-08-2020 To 16-08-2020 7.30am-9.00am(Sat,Sun)


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